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2020 "Evolution Plan" for REALTORS®

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This PACKED excel workbook may be the VERY LAST Business Plan REALTORS® will ever need! (In a GOOD way 😀) For additional information about the each of our plans, see below...⤵️

Part 1 - Business/Personal Budget

Use our "'Quik-Edit' Budgets" to optimize your Business & Personal finances.  The first thing smart business owners do when there is a financial crisis is... CUT COSTS!! ⚔️

Part 2 - Dynamic Business Plan

Our "Dynamic Business Plan" syncs with your created budgets, providing you with a MINIMUM amount of transactions which need to be "Closed" to meet your expenses.  BUT!! 👀 The true beauty of our Plan is the ability to (STILL) add goals which may be 2x, 3x, 4x, or 10x your MINIMUMS! (this is where the pros separate from the amateurs... 💼)

Part 3 - Agent Prospecting Plan

Our "Agent Prospecting Action Plan" will ACCURATELY generate the most optimized number of QUALITY contacts you can generate DAILY.  Because it is still synced with the "Quik-Edit Budgets" & "Dynamic Business Plan", you can uncover how many calls, texts, direct messages, or comments you will need to make on a daily basis to stay relevant AND GROW your Sphere of Influence.

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