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What We Offer Our Video Clients

So here's what you get from Five Rings Creative if you become a video client through us.

Number one, access to a hub. The hub is a way for you to communicate with us and for us to pass documentation, files, approvals, et cetera, through one simple portal. Our portal is through Honey Book. It's a simple software that's used to create not only an invoice for you, but a proposal, a brochure, a contract. We can even get e-signatures on the contract through Honey Book. We even send you proofs through there. We can do nearly anything there now.

An extra bonus of using the software with your video project, is that we have the ability to take recurring payments and break down the total cost of your project into small, bite sized payments for whatever we negotiate in time terms and pricing. OK, that is a huge advantage to real estate agents, & to local businesses, who may not have the money that they need to accomplish their video project today.

But they know full well that they'll have smaller pieces of it throughout time and the full knowledge that they'll be able to provide more later after their promotions have already begun. I'm a local business owner. I know what it's like. I know that having cash on hand is hard, particularly if you have multiple employees. We are willing to work with you to get your project done.

And finally, the best part of all is that you retain the majority of ownership in the project after it's complete. Once you've paid in full, it's yours. You can do whatever you want with it. We ask to retain the ability to use it in our portfolio and showcase the wonderful job we did for you and how we helped you accomplish your video goals. It helps us answer questions about bringing more people into your business and getting your name out into the crowds of people you want to get to.

That's all we ask. The rest is yours. So I hope they gave a brief understanding for anyone that's looking into signing up with us. You'll see that if you go through our portfolio, see that we've done a multitude of work within a bunch of different industries, and hopefully we're able to come to terms today and get you the video project that you deserve. We would love to help you get your business thriving to that whole new level. Hope to talk to you soon.

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