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Discover the Marketing Tactics Working RIGHT NOW for REALTORS®

2020 Social Media Marketing

5-Day Bootcamp for REALTORS®

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Most REALTORS® feel "lost" or "overwhelmed" when it comes to Social Media Marketing for their Real Estate business...

Does that sound like you?

If so, this paid training series is unlike anything else, because it is created, and taught by a licensed Real Estate Agent!

Vinny Sullivano has been training 1000s of Real Estate Agents on multiple marketing methods since 2015, after his success as a "real-life" REALTOR®.  After some time, the brokerage Vinny worked for took notice of his success using Social Media as a viable Lead Generator.  From January 2017 - 2019, Vinny provided training for agents at Northwood Realty Services, a Brokerage based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he served as the "Vice President of Social Media/Digital Marketing".  In 2019, Vinny created his own Local Marketing Agency, where he has been ever since.  Vinny is a licensed REALTOR® with Realty One Group Gold Standard. 

So... do you TRUST me enough to spend your hard earned $$$$$ on this workshop?

What You Will Learn in the Workshop

Session 1: Facebook Game Plan 2020 (Sept. 21)

Learn where to prioritize your posting power, how to use an SOI Feedback Cycle, build simple organic funnels, & MORE!

Session 2:  ​Local Marketing on Instagram (Sept. 22)

In this session, you will learn the tactics used by Real Estate Pros to build your Instagram portfolio, and drive INFLUENTIAL business right into your hands.

Session 3: Real Estate Video Marketing (Sept. 23)

Get REAL help on creating higher quality videos YOURSELF. Also, find out HOW and WHERE to post them!

Session 4: Lead Generation Ad Walkthroughs #1, 2, 3 (Sept. 24)

LIVE walkthroughs of THREE of the most effective ads on Facebook for Real Estate Lead Generation.  Replay available.  

Session 5: Follow-Up Formulas (Sept. 25)

What does it truly take to COVERT your sales prospects?  In this session, you will learn follow-up formulas that include: Zapier, Facebook Messenger Marketing, Text Messaging, Email Campaign Building, scripting, & so much MORE!

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